Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is available at a cost of 7% of the total rental costs. See attached document for more information.

CSA Travel Insurance: Description of Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I purchase travel insurance for my vacation?

A. You’ve saved, you’ve waited, and now you’re all set to travel. Preparing for your trip includes covering yourself for unfortunate occurrences that threaten to interfere with even your best-laid plans. By purchasing travel insurance, you can insure yourself for covered cancellation penalties, medical costs, as well as gain access to a wide range of traveler’s assistance services.

Travel Insurance could cover you if:
  • Someone in your family has an illness or injury, even if they aren’t scheduled to travel with you.
  • You become ill and can’t travel or your child comes down with the chicken pox and you are quarantined.
  • You or a traveling companion loses their job and they’ve been with their employer for at least one year.
  • Weather prevents you from leaving home and reaching your destination.
  • A family member back home passes away and you must return from your vacation early.
  • Your luggage or sports equipment is lost or delayed by the airline.
  • You twist your ankle and must visit a physician while traveling.
  • Many other unforeseeable events as listed in the Description of Coverage.
Q. Will my current homeowners, renters, credit card, or health insurance policies cover me during my trip?

A. Other insurance policies may not offer coverage while you travel due to benefit limits, territory restrictions, and deductibles. Most people don’t have any insurance coverage at all if they must cancel their trip. This insurance plan has a wide range of travel benefits; which credit card, homeowners, and renter’s insurance policies may not offer.

Q. I know that I have a pre-existing medical condition; will the plan cover me?

A. Even if you have a medical condition that has been unstable in the last 60 days, you should still consider enrolling in this insurance plan because you can waive the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion by enrolling in the plan and paying for it.

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